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Minimal Effort

Minimal Effort is intent on clearing content. To do this we require a certain degree of skill, which is expected of everyone in the guild. If you are an exceptional player that can figure out the difference between right and left, hot and cold, we would like to hear from you in our Applications Forum. For further information, please whisper Quasar or Zionex in game.
Application and Guild Charter are found in the forums. Please take note of the charter prior to applying.
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Glory to the -- DO A BARREL ROLL! Thanks Starfox.

QuasarLeginan, Nov 2, 11 6:58 PM.
So we wasted some time and got Glory to the Anti-Derp Raider. Gartz.

Now 6/7H! Isn't that exciting?

QuasarLeginan, Oct 27, 11 9:24 AM.
We walked into bale's room with about 45 minutes to spare, and managed to kill him with little issue on our first few attempts. That puts us at 6/7 H, so I suppose we have one last threat to overcome. Why did people say he was one of the hardest heroics? We could have downed him weeks ago -- sad. Regardless, nice job for those of you whom were part are the kill. If you sat, thanks for being so understanding, we love you. <3

Now for the actual picture:
-- Not Photographed: Hades (hearthing is a bitch, isn't it?)

Update -- 10/25/2011 -- 5/7H

QuasarLeginan, Oct 25, 11 9:41 PM.
With little hardship H Beth died, not to shabby. We're getting there slowly but surely. And here's the picture, woo. On a side note, we're not recruiting heavily at the present time. If you feel as though you are an exceptional player, however, you should feel free to apply.

We've downed Heroics?! Boggles the Mind. (Revision 1)

QuasarLeginan, Oct 11, 11 2:03 AM.
And our steady progress through the lands of fire continues with yet another kill, this time on Majordomo who we 2 shot. Easiest fight in HFL?? Nice job to those who were there. On a side note there are some big changes coming up with our guild structure.

We've decided to upgrade to 25s after this next week of raiding, meaning we're recruiting anyone who can click things and move out of simple fire mechanics. If you happen to fit this description, we're looking for YOU!

Heres the kill shot for Domo:

We've downed Heroics? Boggles the Mind.

QuasarLeginan, Oct 6, 11 5:17 PM.
It's been awhile since I've updated our progress, so I will do that now. :D We're 3/7 H now, as noted by these two pictures. Still recruiting good players to advance into 25s as well as a Warlock for our current 10 man.

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